Cavalier Drive School

Lunch Options

Hot Lunch Information

Option #1 Hot, complete, healthy lunches, delivered daily.

What we can offer parents:

  • ·  Full & happy tummies: Healthy, complete, popular & policy-approved, hot lunches daily.

  • ·  Variety: We offer two popular meal choices plus extras, per day.

  • ·  Time savings: All ordering, payment, and communication is done online.

  • ·  Ease of use: Lunch is done in four clicks! Hot meals arrive labelled with name & class.

  • ·  Sanity: We are one supplier specializing in multiple healthy lunches produced in certified kitchen facilities, using quality ingredients. We have done this for 25 + years so far!

  • ·  We are: … another cooked-up concoction by Chadwick Foods, a maritime owned and operated professional food service management company. (

  • ·  Next Steps: Go to and enter your school’s secret code: 734 (when open).  Click ‘Buy Lunch’, open menu planner, choose meal quantity and dates, enter child class information, pay for order via Paypal. You will get a couple of receipts emailed to you to confirm the transaction too. Click ‘Contact Us’ if you have any questions or browser issues.


After you make a purchase with us, we will always notify you when the store opens up for the next month’s order.


Option #2 Chicken Burger Catering

see menu below