Cavalier Drive School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Meagher, Adelle Violin Teacher Website
Doyle, Lynn Vice-Principal
Garson, Sandi Resource - English
Payne, Stacy Physical Education Website
Murray, Emma Lee Learning Centre Website
Hibberts, Danielle Grade Two-Three
Carroll, Candice Grade Two (FI)
Fraser, Sally Grade Two (FI)
Greeley, Louise Grade Three-Four (FI)
Waterfield, Laura Grade Three-Four
Ashley, Kilah Grade Primary-One
Womby, Emma Grade Primary FI
Piercey, Kim Grade Primary (FI)
Langille, Jillian Grade Primary
McCann, Sarah Grade One (FI)
Chalmers, Allison Grade One (FI)
Dares, Alyssa Grade Four-Five (FI)
Jardine, Allison Grade Four-Five
Strang, Amanda Grade Five (FI)
Eleftheros, Catriona Grade Five
Jardine, Allison Grade 4-5
McCarthy, Shannon Grade 3 (FI)
Brown, Courtney Grade 2
Surette, Denise Grade 1-2FI
Thornhill-Webb, Lisa Elementary Music Website
Ouellette, Leanne ECE Pre Primary Support
Armstrong, Lisa ECE Pre Primary Support
Khaperska, Olha ECE Lead - Pre-Primary
Briand, Angela ECE Lead - Pre-Primary
Corbett, Roseita 70% Guidance Counsellor
Beaton, Bridget 50% Learning Center 50% Grade 1
Geddes, Alyson 50% Grade One 50% Reading Recovery Website
Hatt, Suzanne 50% APL 50% Resource (FI)
Linton, Duane 40% Core French
O'Connor, Rob 20% Physical Education
Gaudet, Andre 20% Music


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Doyle, Lynn Vice-Principal
Driscoll, Stephen Principal
Harroun, Cindy Administrative Assistant

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Parker, Beth Speech Language Pathologist
Kasper, Cathy Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-240-1148
Firth, Karla School Social Worker 902-237-5667
Bennett, Vinci Librarian
Neilen, Nora Excel Head Monitor Website
Pineau, Nancy Educational Program Assistant
Bona, Kelly Educational Program Assistant
Polley, Susan Educational Program Assistant
Faulkner, Ruth Educational Professional Assistant
Blades, Tracey Educational Professional Assistant
Young, Judy Custodian